Shared Care Statement

Due to the significant pressure on Secondary Care services and inadequate resources, certain NHS specialities unfortunately report lengthy waiting times. Examples include ADHD and Transgender care where NHS waiting times can be in excess of one and three years respectively. 

We understand how frustrating and disappointing this may be for many individuals. NHS Scotland are currently considering this as a matter of importance.

With regard to both ADHD and Transgender care, it is therefore understandable that patients who wish to pursue this may choose to access Private Clinics for timely assessment and treatment where indicated. 

Private ADHD and Transgender clinics may recommend medication. Individuals who are started on medication are advised that ongoing prescription on the NHS is not guaranteed. Private clinic monitoring must take place at regular intervals and is essential to enable ongoing treatment whilst ensuring patient safety. 

Requests for shared care between Private Clinics and General Practice are discussed individually on a case to case basis. Correspondence from the referring clinic, the expertise of the practitioner making the assessment, duration and compliance with medication and monitoring protocols are taken into consideration. 

Failure to engage in drug monitoring and follow up with the specialist clinic will result in termination of the shared care agreement and cessation of NHS prescriptions. 

This, alongside the financial implications of private care should be taken into consideration. 

We kindly request patients bring a letter to their initial appointment with the GP if you suspect you may have ADHD. The letter should outline your concerns and relevant information about your symptoms and when your first suspected that you had ADHD.

Alternatively, you may choose to email the practice with the same details, and the information will be securely stored in your file. This proactive step will assist the GP in understanding your situation better and facilitate a more comprehensive discussion during your appointment.

Thank you for your understanding.